What is The Buyer’s Club?

With the introduction of the new Cardboard Prospector website and the Cardboard Prospector Club, we have developed what we call the Buyer’s Club. The Buyer’s Club is an exclusive benefit available to members of the Cardboard Prospector Club at the Collector level of higher.

With Collector level or higher membership, you gain access to the Buyer’s Club, where we publish products available through our distributors (yes, we are a legal business and have distributor accounts with several hobby and collectibles suppliers), available as pre-order items to our Buyer’s Club members.

Some items we will start stocking in our warehouse (especially supplies), making them available for immediate shipment should your order only consist of in stock items. If you place a mix of in stock and pre-order items, then all your items will ship together when all your pre-order items are received. We will be placing Buyer’s Club pre-orders every two weeks starting out, and once the Cardboard Prospector Club gains more members and more Buyer’s Club orders start coming in, we will move our orders to weekly.

Buyer’s Club members can expect to receive up to 20% and sometimes up to 30% off retail prices – mind you we said retail, not market. We all know that market prices are inflated compared to retail prices, and while a blaster box might only be $19.99 retail, the market value is sometime two times that. In the rare event that we have restock items that we add to our stock, those unfortunately will be priced based off market price, just because we can’t get wholesale pricing on restock items.

To give a real-world example of Buyer’s Club savings, the new Pokémon Trainers Toolkit 2022 is retail priced at $29.99, but through the Buyer’s Club members can get them at 20% off and only pay $23.99, or a hobby box of 2022 Rittenhouse Star Trek Discovery Season 3 retailing at $99.99 but only $84.99 with the Buyer’s Club.

As you can see, the savings can pile up quickly with a Buyer’s Club membership, and you can gain access to the Buyer’s Club with a Collector level membership to the Cardboard Prospector Club which only costs $5 per month!

Be sure to check out all the membership options available with the Cardboard Prospector Club on our Membership page, and as always, basic membership to the community is 100% free, so if you don’t plan on buying items through the club, you can still get access to our exclusive community!

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