Walmart DC Comics Grab Bag

We have another first here at Cardboard Prospector today, a comic book grab bag unveiling! Recently I was at the local Walmart looking for some retail cards for ripping on the new YouTube channel and I saw these comic book grab bags on the top shelf, consisting of 4 DC comics for only $9. Well, I shuffled through the packs and there was a single pack that had Harley Quinn showing as the top comic, so naturally, being a Harley Quinn collector, I had to pick up the pack and see what we could pull. I was honestly hoping that the entire pack would be Harley Quinn, but that wasn’t the case – so let’s see what I pulled!

I have to say that I am very impressed with the condition quality of the books considering the sales format. I half expected to have the books all with crushed corners and crease marks, but the books were exceptionally clean. To recap the video, the four books I pulled from this grab bag were:

– Future State Harley Quinn #1 Cover A 2021

– Justice League #27 Forever Evil Tie-In 2014

– Batman White Knight #6 Reg. Cover 2018

– Superman Top Cat #1 Special Reg. Cover 2018

Looking at recent sales data on eBay for these books, the most recent U.S. sales shows that the Future State Harley Quinn sold for $5.00, the Justice League for $3.00, the Batman White Knight for $6.00 and the Superman Top Cat for $3.00. So, a combined total of $17.00 in purchase value for only $9.98 at the local Walmart gives us a great value on this grab bag, plus the opportunity to add another Harley Quinn book to the personal collection makes this a win-win! Considering that that I could resell the remaining three books and turn a profit on them makes this a stellar deal!

I will say that there was a moment of excitement concerning the Justice League book, as my initial search for comps on eBay showed the books most recent sales price at $20, however, after some reading of the listing an looking at the pictures I realized they had the newsstand version of the book, which commanded a higher price compared to the direct sales version I and most everyone else on eBay had available. Bummer!

Overall, I think these grab bags are a fantastic value and I am happy with the purchase. I will be watching out for more Harley Quinn facing packs in the future to see if I can pull anything amazing. Stay tuned for that! Be sure to check out the new YouTube channel for all our video content, like and subscribe so you are alerted to future videos and let us know in the comments what your favorite comic series and characters are!

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