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What’s up prospector nation – so I am kicking off a new content series which is going to be 100% focused on reviewing breakers, mystery packs and other outlets I find for us card prospectors to dig for gold, and I am kicking it off with a review of a YouTube breaker I was recently introduced to by my good friend James over at James Trucking On as someone to check out – so let me introduce you to Diamond Princess on YouTube.

Now, Diamond Princess has only been in the game a short period of time, but let me tell you, she is getting a following quickly and for good reason. In a nutshell, quality products, amazing prices, quality breaks, and just overall a fun breaker – so let’s dig into this.

First off, Diamond Princess runs a Patreon page that you have to become a member of in order to get access to her product list and break schedule, and I know, a lot of your are probably moaning at the idea of having to pay in order to have access to breaks, but trust me, this isn’t like some of the others out there. The Patreon support has one level which runs $4.99 per month – by becoming a patron you get access to the available product list which is updated regularly with new product, as well as the break schedule where you can request a day and what product you want to have ripped. And when I say product, she has a great selection with a ton of hobby box product available, which is nice to see compared to a lot of these breakers that are slinging retail blasters like crack to all of us card loving junkies. I’m talking Topps Gypsy Queen, Chrome, Heritage, Series 1 & 2, Allen and Ginter, Stadium Club, etc. Bowman Chrome, Donruss Baseball and Elite, Panini Prizm and more. At the time of this writing, she has everything from Baseball to Football, Wrestling, Racing and even Pokémon if that’s your thing. If you’re looking to prospect some cardboard and your local retail is dry from all those card piggies out there, then Diamond Princess is where it’s at!

Now, unlike some of the other breakers out there that want to charge you a monthly fee to be a part of their exclusive club and then gouge you on break costs on top of it, Diamond runs a completely different game, which brings us to our second reason you should check out Diamond Princess and that is amazing prices. How amazing you might ask? Well, when is the last time you were able to join a break at cost? Never? Yeah, well tell me about it – most breakers are going to charge you two to three times cost for a break, or run the $10 per spot, each spot gets one team and they’re literally ripping $100 worth of blasters and charging $300 for the break. Goodness those guys really chap my ass – seriously, reference my article The Problem with the Sports Cards Hobby Today if you’re interested in my opinion of retail card piggies.

Anyway, Diamond Princess usually has two options for breaks, that being full box breaks, usually blasters or mega boxes, or pack rips from hobby boxes. To get an idea of pricing, lets look at some examples from the price sheet – how about a 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen blaster box, for $19.99! Or maybe a 2021 Panini Chronicles Mega Box for only $39.99 – want to just rip some packs? Sure – have some 2021 Topps Allen and Ginter hobby box packs at only $5.41 per pack, or maybe some 2020 Topps Series 1 hobby box packs at only $6.43 per pack. But that’s not all – if you have a request for a product, simply message her on Patreon and she will try to find it for you and rip on the channel, also at her cost.

Now we move into the third reason I think everyone should check Diamond Princess out, and that is quality breaks. For being newer to the world of breaking and ripping cards, Diamond has the system down well – your selected product is always on screen, it is opened and ripped on screen, she always sleeves up rookies and insert/parallel cards, and she does a recap of the hits and pulls at the end. Flawless – and in a world where many “breakers” are starting to get called out for scamming, Diamond Princess is following the golden rules of breaks by making everything honest and transparent. About the only thing that might shy some people away is that the breaks are recorded and uploaded rather than being ran live – and I know for some people that is an issue, they would rather see everything live for their own reasons, but honestly, when the rules are followed and everything stays on screen from start to finish anyway, does it really matter?

Diamond Princess also keeps it fun – recently she started pack wars on her channel (James Trucking On and myself were actually the inaugural pack war, you can check it out on YouTube here), and she allows all the viewers to vote on who the winner of the pack battle is in the comments, with the winner taking all. Great idea that makes it fun for both the pack battlers and the viewers and is a lot of fun to watch. Additionally, she throws up some random personal breaks on her Patreon page that are fun to watch, as well as updates on new product that is in stock and more.

Lastly, I wanted to hit on shipping and overall card care for the products you choose to rip with Diamond Princess, which is 100% on the money and honestly some of the best packaging I have seen with any breaker, hands down. I sponsored a video a couple weeks back and when I received my package, I was impressed with the level of care that went into making sure that the cards were packaged securely to make the journey. All rookie and insert cards were sleeved, bigger name hits and special inserts were also placed in top loaders, the cards were all securely packed in team bags, wrapped in bubble wrap and then all placed in the box with additional bubble wrap! I included some pictures of the box opening for you to see the level of care that was put into the packaging. I have had breaks where the cards were simply put in team bags and thrown in a box with no additional protection, which resulted in crushed corners on some great cards, so having the dedication to protecting the cards in transit is a huge deal for me!

Speaking about shipping, Diamond Princess offers shipping for only $4.50 and even provides the option to hold shipping if you plan on doing multiple breaks, only having to pay the shipping fee on your first two breaks and then you can wait to fill your box with breaks before having your rips shipped out. Awesome!

Now, going back to the $4.99 monthly Patreon commitment to get access to Diamond Princesses breaks, you must keep in mind a couple of things; first, she is charging you retail on the cards, there is no markup, and second, she has the overhead of penny sleeves, top loaders, shipping materials, etc. which goes into the breaks. Now, we all know that you can’t get a pack of top loaders right now for $4.99, so paying that monthly to get access to at cost breaks is a small price to pay in my opinion.

So, just to recap, with Diamond Princess we get:

  1. Quality product including blasters, mega boxes and hobby box packs from top brands across the sports and some non-sports, with the ability to special request product.
  2. Awesome prices matching retail pricing for full blaster and mega boxes and hobby packs divided at cost – this is a great selling point, especially for people having a hard time finding retail product in their area.
  3. Quality breaks with all the golden rules of breaking followed and awesome shipping standards.

About the only thing I can suggest to Diamond Princess to improve her breaks is to offer live breaks, which I understand might not be an option considering work schedules and home life, but I think if she did start offering live breaks, she could expand her audience and reach more of the card community.

Overall, Diamond Princess gets the seal of approval from me, and I would strongly encourage you to check out her YouTube channel, watch what she has going on and then become a Patron and sponsor some breaks with her.

Check out Diamond Princess on YouTube

Check out Diamond Princesses Patreon Page

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