Retail Rips: 2021 Panini Prizm Baseball

I am excited to announce that we are starting a new video series, retail rips Thursday, where I will be ripping retail packs and boxes that I find in the wild – this will only consist of retail product, so no hobby packs in these videos. For our first retail rip video we have two packs of the Panini 2021 Prizm Baseball, featuring the red, white, and blue parallel card packs! So, let’s get to ripping and see if we can pull any fire!

So not a horrible rip at all as we pulled a lot of the popular rookies and veterans in these packs. The illuminations Jo Adell was a nice pull for a rookie insert card, and the Jarred Kelenic rookie was a huge hit, a rookie card that has been elusive in almost every set I have seen this year. I would like to be excited about the Tatis, Jr. but the card quality is just horrible. The green parallel Evan White rookie was another great pull, and oddly one of the more centered cards between the two packs. The red, white, and blue bonus packs were full of greatness, in particular the Mookie Bets Stained Glass insert was really nice, the Garrett Crochet was another popular rookie pull that I am not disappointed about either.

The biggest disappointment of the packs is the incredible lack of quality control for Panini Prizm in the 2021 release. I have noticed a lot of other collectors sharing their concern with the card quality this year, some even experiencing card chipping from obviously dull cutting blades. It makes me pause to wonder if with the impending licensure loss, Panini is just pushing out as much product as possible, with little to no concern on quality, to cash in as much as possible before losing the ability to print official cards. If this is the case, I think the quality control will likely decline in the next couple years.

Anyway, let me know in the comments which cards were your favorites, and what your opinions are on the Prizm Baseball set overall. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube, hit us up on social media, and until next time, keep on ripping!

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