Introducing the New Cardboard Prospector

We are excited to announce that the new Cardboard Prospector has officially launched. Now we were pretty tight lipped about what exactly the new website was going to consist of, but we’re spilling the beans now with the introduction of our collector community focused social media platform.

The Cardboard Prospector Club is your place to come and join other collectors from across the hobbies, on a dedicated social media site where you can create your collector profile, share your collections, connect with other collectors, make trades, setup personal sales, and enjoy in conversation about the hobby you love with other hobby enthusiasts.

Access to the community is, and always will be 100% free at the basic level, giving you access to creating your collector profile, joining in the conversation publicly, joining forum discussions and more.

If you really love what we’re offering, but don’t need access to the Buyer’s Club, consider becoming a Supporter level member – you get all the benefits of the community, plus we’ll shout you out on the website for being a supporter of our platform!

If you’re interested in expanding your collection, getting access to web store discounts, and getting access to our exclusive Buyer’s Club, where you can access cards, comics, supplies and more at up to 20%-30% off retail, then consider joining as a Collector member.

We have three other membership levels which will be rolling out over the next several weeks, including the Prospector, Investor and Sponsor tiers, each with their own benefits and increasing discounts on our retail shop! For more information about each of the membership levels, including the upcoming levels, please take a look at our Membership page.

We look forward to joining you all in the conversation at the Cardboard Prospector Club!

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