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Hello and welcome to Cardboard Prospector – my name is Paulie and I am the editor of this new website, dedicated to the trading card, comics and collectible’s community. Here at Cardboard Prospector I will be looking at and analyzing items from the trading card, comics and collectibles genres including sports cards, non-sports cards, vintage and modern comics, and more.

I will be sharing weekly posts about my latest prospects – that being items which I have purchased for the purpose of having graded or reselling at a profit, as well as posts about my investment purchases, those being items which are already graded and being purchased for the purpose of holding for gain and hopefully selling for a profit, and dropping articles about items I pick up for my personal collection. I will also be looking at trends on cards and comics, and provide insight as to why I am searching for or buying specific cards or comics.

I started collecting sports cards when I was about 8 years old, with my passion being baseball cards – I literally had binders, upon binders, upon binders of baseball cards. My favorite sport is baseball, and I think you can chalk that up to just being an all-American kid. Baseball is America’s sport and I grew up surrounded by baseball, so it just stuck with me and does to this day. Growing up I was a Seattle Mariners fan, collecting every single Mariners card I could get my hands on – I had every Mariners card minted, in multiple!

Outside of sports, I am an avid collector of everything Harley Quinn, including Funko Pop’s, comics, statues, etc. I currently have almost every single Harley Quinn Funko Pop made with the exception of the Hot Topic employee award exclusive, of which only 144 we made, the Harrison Comics and the Conquest Comics exclusive Pop’s. I am also in the process of completing my collection of the Harley Quinn comics, actively seeking out original first print issues of series one Harley Quinn from 2000.  

I like to write about ways to collect and invest and share my experiences in the collecting and investing world of trading cards and comics. I follow several other services online dedicated specifically to card investing and from time to time will share information from those sources.

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