Garbage Pail Kids Hobby Pack Rips

It must be Tuesday because we are ripping some packs of Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight sticker cards today for Everything Collectible Tuesday! Don’t know a whole lot about these new stickers, I used to collect these stickers in my younger days when the original series was out in the mid 80’s and they remained pretty popular through the early 90’s. I do now that we will be looking for parallels including the booger green, spit in your food blue, fools gold, printing plates, artist autos, you are what you eat, and finally sketch cards. So, without further ado lets see what we pull.

Well, the art and premise of the stickers have definitely remained the same as what I remember from the 80’s. Obviously a little different with Topps probably caving to political correctness and social norms as I didn’t see any references to smoking or overt violence (the 80’s was so much better than this “woke” culture we have today), but these cards remain as disgusting and funny as ever!

We ended up pulling three booger green parallels in the lot, which was pretty good considering the odds for green parallels is 1 in 3 packs. I missed it during the video, however we also pulled a Spit in your Food Blue parallel, which also happened to be numbered 50/99 and a You Are What You Eat special card – I wasn’t aware that there were numbered cards in these packs, and I was expecting the other parallels to be easier to spot, so it was a great surprise after recording to find these extra hits! Our parallels ended up being the following:

37a Livy Linguine – Booger Green
56a Squeeze Luis – Spit in your Food Blue #50/99
88a Dillion Pickles – Booger Green
96b Insect Isaac – Booger Green
3A Shaky Shawn – You Are What You Eat insert

Recent sales on eBay show the Livy Linguine selling for about $1.50, Squeeze Luis is selling for about $6, Dillion Pickles for about $3, Insect Isaac is also coming in at about $1.50 and finally the Shaky Shawn insert is selling for about $3. I didn’t purchase these as a prospecting opportunity, they were purchased as a fun item to rip on the channel, however pulling about $15 worth of inserts and parallels from 3 packs that I paid only $9 for is a win any day of the week! Furthermore, if the popularity of GPK stickers/cards continues to increase it would be worth considering acquiring additional product, preferably sealed boxes for hanging on to.

Tell me in the comments your throughs on the cards that were pulled and whether you like the GPK product or not. Until next time, y’all keep on ripping!

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