Flesh & Blood Monarch Levia Blitz Deck

I was very impressed with the Flesh & Blood Monarch light warrior blitz deck for Boltyn and the booster pack that I opened, I couldn’t wait to check out the shadow brute Levia hero as well, which does not disappoint. The artwork on all the F&B cards that I have seen to date are just amazing! Take a look with me as we run through the Levia Shadow Brute blitz deck and a booster pack of Monarch unlimited edition.

As you can see in the video these blitz decks are packed with great cards and designed to allow a player to open a box and get straight to play. These blitz decks are designed for a quicker format of play, giving players the ability to play a game in about 20 to 30 minutes. Since recording I have also learned that all blitz decks come with young heroes, which have half the health points (20 vs 40 of the adult hero), which helps to facilitate the quicker game play.

Our booster pack continued with the amazing artwork and provided us with two rare cards (one of which we pulled in our blitz deck as well) and a common foil card, these were:

Captains Call (rare) – Generic Action
Convulsions from the Bellow of Hell (rare) – Shadow Brute Action
Rift Torment (common) Rainbow Foil – Shadow Runeblade Action Attack

Currently, all three of these cards can be found on eBay for about $1 to $3 each, which is not surprising considering that these are from the unlimited set. Had these been 1st Edition cards we might expect to see a higher value in them.

Anyway, the Welcome Event at our local game shop was a smashing great time, I ended up playing several games with the included welcome deck, and even won a few! I am excited that my LGS is now waiting on their Armory Kit, which will allow them to start hosting F&B competition events!

Tell me in the comments what you like about F&B, if you play, and who your favorite hero, or heroes to play are, and if you have any tips on building a competitive play deck, be sure to let me know!

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