First Look: Flesh & Blood TCG Monarch

Completely new for Cardboard Prospector, today I am doing a first look at the Flesh and Blood trading card game, opening a blitz deck of the Light Warrior Boltyn hero from the Monarch series, as well as a Monarch unlimited booster pack. When I recorded this video, I had some bad information concerning the different series and how a player can build their decks, as I was under the impression that you had to build your decks within the same series, however I have learned that this is incorrect. Deck builders can use cards from across all the Flesh and Blood series, if the cards in the deck are compatible with the hero, for instance you couldn’t use a Brute weapon for a Warrior, or a Warrior attack for a Ranger, etc. Generic cards from any series can be played in any hero’s deck as they are not class specific. This really opens the possibilities for creating a constructed or blitz deck for competitive gameplay!

My overall first impression of the cards is that they are outstanding. The art is incredible on every card, which really is one of the joys (at least for me) of playing TCG’s. Back in my Magic; The Gathering days, I collected cards that I liked the art of, regardless of their rarity or playability – I wish now that I hadn’t given away all of those MTG cards, as 99% of all my cards were alpha series cards, which today fetch mighty big returns on the collector and investor markets.

Anyway, tell me in the comments how you like the cards, and if you are already a FAB player, point me in the direction of some good resources for game play, deck building, etc. I will be attending a FAB welcome event at my local game shop this coming weekend, so hopefully that will answer a lot of my questions.

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