eBay Mystery Pack Review: Sports & Pokémon

Welcome back to another Mystery Pack Sunday! Today we have three mystery packs from the eBay seller cardtraderspecialist which are advertised as “Sports and Pokémon” mystery packs, consisting of 22 cards including rated rookies, Pokémon, DBZ, UFC and more with the chance to pull jersey cards, relics, and even graded cards. Let’s see how we did!

So, in complete honesty, this was a disappointing mystery pack for me personally, I anticipated a better balance between sports and gaming cards and had hoped after purchasing three packs for this review to receive at least something in sports that was worthwhile, a key rookie, veteran inserts or parallels, something that would make these packs stand out. I will say that had I been in search of more Pokémon cards that these packs would have been great, as the Pokémon cards were heavy with uncommon and rare cards, including 5 rare, 17 uncommon, and only 10 common cards. Of the uncommon there was one holo card while the rare cards consisted of 3 reverse holo cards, an ultra-rare and a standard art rare. All in all, while advertised as sports and Pokémon, these packs are more value in the TCG than sports.

Despite the let down in the card content of these packs, the biggest disappointment in these was the packaging and presentation. The cards were presented in shipping manifest slips, freely available from all the FedEx and UPS stores, which really gives the mystery packs a low budget feel. Next, the shipping on these packs was horrible. The three mystery packs were wrapped up in a bubble mailer with no rigidity to protect them in transit, which unfortunately showed in the card quality as many of the sports cards had crushed corners. Thankfully the TCG cards appear to have escaped damage, likely due to the rounded corners and that all TCG cards were placed in the middle of the packs, protected by sports cards on either side.

Final thoughts on these mystery packs, disappointing on many levels, shipping, presentation, variety of cards. The highlights were the TCG cards for sure, which will benefit my daughters for their Pokémon decks, but for me, these will be a hard pass in the future and I am unsure if I would purchase future offerings from this seller.

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