eBay Mystery Pack Review: djdcards Baseball 5 Hit Mystery Packs

Hello fellow prospectors, collectors, and investors and welcome to the kickoff of a new content series, every Sunday we will be opening a new mystery pack of cards on the channel and doing a write up for the website in review. Today for our kickoff video review we have the Baseball 5 Hit Mystery packs from the eBay seller djdcards.

As you can see in the video, contrary to the eBay listing description, these mystery packs were primarily junk wax product with a sprinkling of modern cards and vintage wax, which was incredibly disappointing especially considering the listing description said that these packs would NOT be so heavy on junk wax. Additionally, we didn’t hit any of the good vintage hits despite the hits list containing more cards than there were mystery packs in this offering.

These mystery packs honestly reminded me of those Fairfield repack products that you can pick up at the CVS and Walgreens for less than $10 that contain 100 cards and a sealed pack. It reminded me so much of these Fairfield boxes that I am suspicious that these are not simply repacked Fairfield boxes that have had the sealed packs removed.

Overall, these mystery packs for me were incredibly disappointing and I personally wouldn’t be looking at buying mystery packs from this seller in the future. Even with the price point on the cards literally being less than $0.20 per card, I don’t need mountains of junk wax laying around and now I need to figure out what I am going to do with all this stuff. Maybe they’ll be thrown up as a giveaway in the future on the YouTube channel, maybe they’ll just get passed off to donation – who knows.

Bottom line, yes, these mystery packs were priced well, as stated the average cost including shipping was only $0.20 per card, but from a collector and prospector perspective, there are far better mystery boxes on eBay, so unless you’re specifically looking for a lot of old junk wax to complete sets or have some nostalgia from your childhood, I wouldn’t recommend these packs.

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