eBay Mystery Pack Review: badamanks 716 MLB Mystery Packs

Welcome back fellow collectors, prospectors, and investors, I am back prospecting mystery packs today with another eBay mystery pack review! This week I am looking at the 716 MLB Mystery Packs from the eBay seller badamanks, with a guarantee to receive 5 rookie/prospect cards, parallels, refractors and inserts in every pack. Now the seller says these are MLB prominent, but that other sports will be mixed in as well. So, let’s get ripping!

So, as you can see in the video, these packs were pretty good, mostly modern cards throughout and for the most part the card condition was great, with a few blemishes along the way. Unfortunately, the David Robinson Skybox card was amongst those damaged cards, had it been in near mint or better condition I would likely have sleeved that one up for grading, especially considering the centering front and back was very close to perfect. The 1991 Nolan Ryan card was another card that while an oddball manufacturer, stood out for me as something I would have collected in my youth. Now, the card condition on the Ryan was a lot better than the Robinson and it might make it to a grading pile after some further inspection. Finally, the 1992 Steve Young caught my attention as well, and again, the card condition was superior to the Robinson and will likely be getting inspected for possible grading as well.

Overall, these packs for me personally were a letdown – I would have hoped to at least find some of the popular rookies between three packs/90 cards. Now, I am not saying that the value isn’t there, as there were some nice cards in the packs, and at $7.16 per pack it puts a per card price of only $0.24/card. That’s cheaper than going to the card shop to look through singles boxes, however, many of these cards could probably have been purchased on eBay auctions for pennies. Considering that my $21.48 (before shipping) yielded my one popular rookie (the Triston McKenzie), I think my money would have been better spent picking up a $20 blaster box of Topps Fire or Allen & Ginter where I would have been more likely to hit at least 3 to 5 of the new rookies with the possibility of limited cards and autos too.

Tell me in the comments if there was anything in this mystery pack that you liked, or if there was something I missed. Until next time, keep on ripping!

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