Breaking a 2020 Donruss Elite Football Blaster

In my recent return to sports card collecting and prospecting, I have discovered live box breaks and pulls. I talked about pulls recently in my article ‘Exercising Patience for Higher Profits’ but today I will be looking at a box break that I did with an Instagram card seller recently, which ended up producing a great hit!

The box in question was a blaster box of 2020 Donruss Elite football – I paid $37 for the box, including shipping, and watched as the host ripped my packs. There were some great hits for rookies and a few good inserts, but the card that took the top spot while watching the break was the Jeff Okudah Rookie Autograph Purple short print numbered out of 49 – I was excited – this was the first autograph I had pulled on a box break and it was a short print as well, making it even more exciting. I immediately started looking online to see sales data on the card and was even more excited to find that no one had it – I couldn’t find a listing for the Jeff Okudah /49 autograph anywhere! I found listings for his other autograph cards in the 2020 Donruss Elite series which were higher runs, out of /99 and /399 and these cards were listed at $20 to $30 per card – surely a /49 would command a higher price point!

Well, fast forward a week for the package to arrive and for the rest of the world to catch up on buying the 2020 Donruss Elite and sure enough there have been a few copies of the Jeff Okudah purple /49 auto which have surfaced. To date the average list price on the card across the board is $50 for Buy It Now listings – auctions on eBay have pulled in about half that asking price however, with the average auction sale price coming in at only $25 – so my initial excitement has dwindled a little bit on this box, however the NFL season is about to start and we’re going to see some big changes in football card pricing I think.

Further investigation into the cards I pulled in this box unearthed a huge surprise however, when I found out that the Michael Pittman Jr. razzle dazzle rookie card I pulled was a super short print – so short in fact that according to the checklist data from Beckett, this card is a 1/1 – WHAT!?!? The Michael Pittman Jr. razzle dazzle card might be the shining star of this entire break; however, the card isn’t serial numbered to reflect it is a 1/1 status which warrants further investigation. Beckett claims that the razzle dazzle parallel is 1/1 on the rookie cards! Looking at other online sources, it appears that the rookie razzle dazzle parallel is truly a super short print and is a 1/1 – which begs the question of why Panini didn’t serial these cards to reflect the 1/1 status? I will be reaching out to Panini directly to try and gain clarification on this issue.

Other notable pulls from this blaster box included a nice selection of insert and parallel cards including Spellbound Christian McCaffery, Full Throttle Derrick Henry, Dual Threats Jaylen Samuels, Green Parallel Rookies for Julian Okwara and Noah Igbinoghene and the most impressive parallel in the bunch, a Razzle Dazzle Rookie Michael Pittman Jr.

Some notable veteran pulls from this blaster included a Patrick Mahomes base, Alvin Kamara base, Josh Allen base, Nick Chubb base, and a Kirk Cousins base.

If the Michael Pittman Jr. card does truly prove to be a 1/1 as Beckett suggests, this could be one of the best blaster boxes I have prospected yet! I will update when I hear back from Panini on the 1/1 issue.

If you’re interested in doing a live box break with a trusted breaker, check out Six Pack Cards on Instagram @sixpackcards – he runs great breaks and pulls at good prices and ships fast. He’s one of my go-to breakers on IG.

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