Breaking 2013 Panini Certified Football Hobby Boxes

We’ve had a couple of 2013 Panini Certified Football Hobby boxes sitting in inventory for the last few months now with absolutely zero traction from the community on them, despite selling them at a loss, so we said f@#k it and decided to break those puppies ourself last night and see what we could pull.

Now the 2013 Certified hobby boxes guarantee four hits, with at least one auto per box, so obviously, we were secretly hoping we would pull a Russell Wilson Mirror Gold Signature, or an Emerald Signature, or even better a Mirror Black Signature card – hell, any Mirror Black 1/1 or Mirror Emerald #/5 would have been absolutely amazing! But, no such luck on pulling any of those monsters from our two boxes.

We did end up pulling two Freshman Fabrics patch auto cards, Andre Ellington rookie 359/499, and a Mike Glennon rookie 381/499 – not superstar names by any means, Ellington is currently a free agent and not playing, Glennon is a backup QB for the Jags. Comps on both cards are pretty dismal on the market, with Ellington fetching a whopping $5 on average, and Glennon commanding about $9 on average. So, we tanked on the Freshman Fabric autographs, but we’ve still got a stack to go here.

We pulled two additional autographs, a Sam Montgomery New Generation Blue #/100 and a Zac Dysert New Generation Red #/499 – both tanks again in the value department – both players haven’t played since being drafted in 2013, being on the practice squad or waived year after year. Bummer on both of these! Comps are well, as you would expect – fetching about $2 for the Dysert and a mere $5 for the Montgomery on average.

So far, the four autograph cards we pulled from these boxes have produced jack, for both profit or the personal collection, but this is the life of a prospector, not every pan will have gold, so let’s keep on digging. The two boxes produced an additional four patch cards, a Julio Jones Blue Materials #/99, an Antonio Gates Blue Materials #/49, a Brian Hartline Red Materials #/299, and finally a Tyler Eifert Rookie dual jersey #/299 – once again, not a lot going on here, with an average sales price of between $3 to $9 for all four cards.

Nothing impressive so far out of these boxes, and surely nothing anywhere near our cost on these boxes. Looking at a quick tally, if we were able to sell all of the “hits” from these boxes at the average sales price we would probably be able to pull in about $40 to $50 which doesn’t even cover our cost on one of the boxes – deduct eBay fees, payment processing fees, etc. and we’re likely to lose our asses on these boxes. So far this is looking like a huge loss for us, and frankly one hell of a disappointment. We should have fought the urge to rip and just let these things sit on the shelf until they sold.

Outside of the “hits” we pulled an additional 14 numbered cards, a lot from the Immortals insert set, and a few Mirror Red and Mirror Blue parallels of the base cards and rookie cards. We did pull one Mirror Gold card which was a New Generations rookie for Mychal Rivera which is also pretty much a bust. Of the inserts and parallels, the only standouts are a Brett Favre Immortals, Drew Bledsoe Immortals, and a Deion Sanders Immortals Mirror Red parallel. We did end up pulling a Marshawn Lynch and a Richard Sherman, both base cards (from the same pack even) for the personal collection, but outside of that, not much else.

In all, if we were able to sell off all of the “hits” and numbered short prints that we can’t find an excuse to keep in our collection, we might, and this is a big might, get enough in returns to cover one of the hobby boxes. Overall, this prospecting break left us underwhelmed and broke. Can’t win them all I guess.

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