Having Blind Faith in the 1964 Daredevil #1 CGC 9.0

Back once again on the Rally Rd platform, this time looking at current and past offerings for comic books, and I find the 1964 Marvel Daredevil #1 graded by CGC in 9.0 condition. While many new comers to the comic book collecting and investing market today have been focused on newer titles, with sexy art and variant covers, I am a holdout for the vintage comics! So, once again Rally Rd has provided me something to invest in, and invest I did.

According to the information provided by Rally Rd, this 1964 Daredevil #1 is in the top 5.3% of all graded copies of the comic. This particular issue of Daredevil provides the origin story of Daredevil and his alter ego, and includes the first appearance of his love interest, Karen Page. First issue copies are always, in my opinion, a good investment – as well as first appearance issues – especially for the vintage comics of the well-known superheroes and villains of the comic universe. Could you imagine having a first issue of Batman #1 from 1940? Not only the first issue of Batman, but the first appearance of the Joker as well – sales data shows that even in the lowest CGC grade of 0.5 the comic sold for $18,000 just back in March of 2020. How about a CGC 9.2 – you’re looking at a cool $1.55 million from the last sale in August of 2013 – imagine if that copy came on the market today?

My point being, that new collectors and investors really need to look at vintage comics – don’t get me wrong, the modern comics are great, and you can flip some of these variant covers and limited editions for a sweet, quick profit, but those vintage comics provide more than just a quick flip, they are a piece of comic book history which are becoming scarcer by the day!

Anyway, back to the comic at hand – the 1964 Daredevil #1 CGC 9.0 – looking at historical sales data over the last ten years, this comic has seen an 185% increase in value, with the last sale of a book in this condition selling for $9,300 in August of 2019. The Rally Rd offering on this book is for a total of $11,500 with the investment split into 11,500 shares at a cost basis of $1 per share. Another unfortunate limit investment item, users a limited to purchasing only 10 shares (really Rally Rd, what is this limited share per person thing?).

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Some might think that investing into a book for $11,500 when the last three sales of the book recorded an average of sales price of only $9,800 sounds crazy, however, reviewing the sales data from the last ten years we can see that there has been a significant uptick in value for this book (remember 185% gain). It is important to note that a CGC 9.0 copy of this book sold in July of 2020 for $16,000 however, the book in question was signed by Stan Lee and authenticated by CGC, which for our purposes, wouldn’t apply to the sales comparison for our non-autographed investment.

It is also important to look at the trend for the book, which five years ago this August sold for only $7,875 – showing a 118% gain in value from August 2015 to the August 2019 sale. Should the trend continue, as the historical sales data shows it likely will, within the next five to ten years this investment should provide a nice return. Remember my thinking, investments should always be approached as a long-term hold.

*Disclaimer: Investing in trading cards, comic books, memorabilia, and any other item involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. Cardboard Prospector does not provide financial advice, and none of our articles or opinions should be construed as financial or investment advice. We do not guarantee results from your decision making based on our opinions and content. You should always conduct your own research and due diligence prior to making any investment.

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