2021 Topps Chrome Blaster Box

Published October 16, 2021

For the Retail Rips selection of the week for 14 October we got our hands on a blaster box of 2021 Topps Chrome! While I have been underwhelmed by Topps Chrome this year, well, Topps flagship in general (Series 1, Series 2 and Chrome), this box proved to be an exception and offered up some decent pulls.

So, the entire box yielded 21 base cards (7 or which are rookies), with the remaining 11 cards being parallels and inserts (3 of which are rookies), including the Jordan Holloway autograph (another pitcher auto, ugh). The following cards made up our haul of inserts, parallels, and “hits” from the box. We based comps based on recent sales in the month of October. Rookie cards are indicted with (R).

Jordan Holloway – on card auto – $2.46
Jose Abreu – Prism Refractor – $0.99
Ryan Weathers (R) – Sepia – $1.25
Luis Robert – 1986 Design – $1.75
Fernando Tatis, Jr. – Beisbol – $1.00
Josh Donaldson – Pink – $1.00
Trent Grisham – Future Stars – $1.00
Walker Buehler – Sepia – $0.99
Luis Garcia (R) – 1986 Design – $1.00
Willi Castro – Pink – $2.00
Yoan Moncada – Sepia – $1.99

With a dismal $15.42 in comparable value for the inserts and parallels, this box was a bust – even the autograph was lackluster in more ways than one. The rookie pulls were little help in making this box a worthwhile prospect, especially considering the rookie class this year was, well, underwhelming. The following base rookies were pulled from the box.

Sixto Sanchez – $1.50
Ke’Bryan Hayes – $2.50
Tyler Stephenson – $1.49
Alex Kirilloff – $2.99
Spencer Howard – $1.49
Ian Anderson – $0.99
Lewin Diaz – $1.49

With a rookie base card comparable value of $12.45 combined with our parallel and insert value comes to a total of $27.87 in comparable value, not even enough to cover the price of the box ($29.99 retail). I have yet to decide if I want to waste my time collecting this years Chrome set, I have already passed on the series 1 & 2 and will be passing on the update series as well. The design of the set just doesn’t excite me, and I would much rather spend my efforts in collecting Topps Gypsy Queen, Allen & Ginter, and the Topps Fire sets. I will most likely keep all the rookie cards from the set and send the worthy ones off for grading, just in case any of the 2021 rookie class become breakout stars in the years to come.

Tell me your thoughts on the Topps flagship series this year and whether you are into it or not!


I started collecting cards when I was about 8 years old, with my passion being baseball cards. I grew out of collecting in my teens and spent the better part of my 20’s focusing on education and career. Now in my mid-30’s I have dove back in to collecting and now prospecting and investing in cards and comics as well. I like to write about ways to collect and invest and share my experiences in the collecting and investing world of sports cards and comics. I am also an avid cigar enthusiast and you can get cigar reviews and information on my sister site Cigar Informer at https://www.cigarinformer.com

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