2021 Parkside NWSL Premier Edition: Chasing #195

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with my great friend James while he was on home time from cross country trucking. James has his own YouTube channel called James Trucking On where he finds retail cards during his travels and rips packs on video for everyone to see. During his travels he picked up a few boxes of the 2021 Parkside NWSL Premier Edition cards and opened a couple for his channel and saved the third one for me. I am actively collecting the set and am currently one card away from completing the base set – card #195 for Toni Pressley from the Orlando Pride. Do I strike gold and complete the base set?

If you’re interested in women’s soccer, I would strongly suggest looking into collecting the 2021 Parkside NWSL Premier Edition set. The set consists of 200 base cards which also have a foil and black and white parallel for each card, as well as a chrome 1 of 1 card for each of the 200 cards. Foil parallels are limited to a 1,400 card print run, and black and white parallels are limited to a 700 card print run. There are also 15 image variation cards of the base set which are limited to a 100 card print run.

The set consists of several insert sets, including the Signature Series set which has a total of 22 cards with different ink color variations for the signatures, including blue in limited to 250 copies, purple ink limited to 50 copies, and the Rapinoe purple ink limited to 100 copies.

The other insert sets include the Americana mini set consisting of 1 card (Ashlynn Harris), the Cityscapes set consisting of 20 cards and limited to 650 copies each, the Hyped set consisting of 10 cards, the Luminescent set consisting of 10 cards, the Promising Prospects set, consisting of 20 cards with three color parallels of each (blue, red, and purple), and finally the Vintage set consisting of 25 cards.

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