How To Invest In Trading Cards Without Going Broke

Investing in the right trading cards is an investment for the future; much like stocks, picking the correct cards can end up resulting in incredible profits down the road. You can’t always expect to make a quick buck; rather, you need to be prepared for slow and...

What is The Buyer’s Club?

With the introduction of the new Cardboard Prospector website and the Cardboard Prospector Club, we have developed what we call the Buyer’s Club. The Buyer’s Club is an exclusive benefit available to members of the Cardboard Prospector Club at the Collector level of...

Introducing the New Cardboard Prospector

We are excited to announce that the new Cardboard Prospector has officially launched. Now we were pretty tight lipped about what exactly the new website was going to consist of, but we’re spilling the beans now with the introduction of our collector community focused...

Topps Sells to Fanatics

Well everyone, the speculation on the future of Topps is officially over! Topps announced today that Michael Eisner, former Walt Disney Co. CEO who purchased Topps in 2007 through his private investment company Tornante, has agreed to sell Topps to Fanatics in a deal...

Flesh & Blood: Invest in Unlimited?

It has been a roller coaster year for the Flesh & Blood TCG, with the Monarch and Tales of Aria expansion sets having both been released in 2021, followed by the announcements that both Crucible of War and now Arcane Rising unlimited are going out of print –...

Another Blow to the Future of Topps?

Yet another blow has come to the Topps company as it was announced at the end of October that it will be losing yet another official license from its portfolio, WWE Professional Wrestling. Having already been dealt a huge blow to its license portfolio with the loss of...

2021 Topps Chrome Blaster Box

For the Retail Rips selection of the week for 14 October we got our hands on a blaster box of 2021 Topps Chrome! While I have been underwhelmed by Topps Chrome this year, well, Topps flagship in general (Series 1, Series 2 and Chrome), this box proved to be an...

Garbage Pail Kids Hobby Pack Rips

It must be Tuesday because we are ripping some packs of Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight sticker cards today for Everything Collectible Tuesday! Don’t know a whole lot about these new stickers, I used to collect these stickers in my younger days when the original series...

eBay Mystery Pack Review: badamanks 716 MLB Mystery Packs

Welcome back fellow collectors, prospectors, and investors, I am back prospecting mystery packs today with another eBay mystery pack review! This week I am looking at the 716 MLB Mystery Packs from the eBay seller badamanks, with a guarantee to receive 5...

Flesh & Blood Monarch Levia Blitz Deck

I was very impressed with the Flesh & Blood Monarch light warrior blitz deck for Boltyn and the booster pack that I opened, I couldn’t wait to check out the shadow brute Levia hero as well, which does not disappoint. The artwork on all the F&B cards that I...

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